Why I Partner With GripGrab

I am proud to represent GripGrab as a brand ambassador!

Who is GripGrab? Why them? Well, in two words: shared values.

GripGrab and I share values and ethics that we standby.

I have many personal values, however there are a couple that I hold dear: quality and innovation. These values are embodied in GripGrab, thus I chose to enter a partnership with the sports-clothing brand!


Quality is a value we all share. Actions performed with quality outshine actions that fail to meet our standards. My training sessions and workouts are based on quality over quantity, maximising my gains for time spent training. I make sure each session has a purpose, whether that be to recover or to set a new power record.

Quality is of utmost importance to GripGrab. From their Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers to Roadster Short Finger Gloves, GripGrab has meticulously designed and crafted every product to serve its purpose and suit your needs.

GripGrab Waterproof Merino Sock pic 1 2019.jpg
Quality and attention-to-detail are found in every product offered by GripGrab. Their Waterproof Merino Thermal Socks shown above are completely waterproof!


In their pursuit of achieving ultimate cycling accessories for all kinds of weather, GripGrab has developed several technologies to maximise your performance and comfort whilst riding: DoctorGel®, IntelliSeal™ and InsideGrip.


Developed by GripGrab in collaboration with active athletes and doctors, GripGrab gloves with DoctorGel® are designed to reduce numbness in your hands. Three different padding thicknesses are used in GripGrab’s cycling glove range, catering for every riding style and comfort preference.

DoctorGel® offers an optimum balance between comfort and control.


Found in GripGrab’s shoe cover range, IntelliSeal™ enhances the durability, fit and water resistance of shoe covers. Some advantages of IntelliSeal™ are:

  • Better fit – a closer and more secure fit around the shoe and calf with a zipper-less design
  • Better durability – rubber-protected stitches enhance the lifespan of the shoe cover
  • Better water resistance – a tighter fit around the sole will repel the rain and puddles!
gripgrab intelliseal™ pic 1 2019
GripGrab’s Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers features IntelliSeal™ and is made from 4mm waterproof neoprene, offering maximum thermal insulation.


GripGrab’s InsideGrip technology features silicon grips located inside the glove. These grips greatly improve friction between the glove and palm, resulting in unprecedented grip. The fingertips also incorporate the same approach, ensuring maximum grip to the brake levers and gear shifters.


gripgrab insidegrip pic 1 2019
The Raptor Windproof Lightweight Full Finger Glove features the InsideGrip design.

A partnership built on shared values stands far stronger than one built on image alone. I look forward to working with GripGrab!

If you’re interested in purchasing GripGrab products, check out the link below:


Thanks for reading 🙂

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