Why I Partner With Sekonda

I am proud to represent Sekonda as a brand ambassador.

Who is Sekonda? Why them? Well, in two words: shared values.

Sekonda and I share values and ethics that we standby.

I have many personal values, however there are a couple that I hold dear: quality and efficiency. These values are embodied in
Sekonda, thus I chose to enter a partnership with the wristwatch manufacturer!

Watches shown above (from left to right): Sekonda Classique Men’s Dual-Time Bracelet Watch and Sekonda Men’s Dual-Time Brown Strap Dress Watch

Who is Sekonda?

Sekonda is an exceptional British wristwatch manufacturer – the term “exceptional” owing to Sekonda’s success – Sekonda is the UK’s No.1 watch brand and has been for the past 30 consecutive years!


Quality is a value we share. Actions performed with quality outshine actions that fail to meet our standards. My training sessions and workouts are based on quality over quantity, maximising my gains for time spent training. I make sure each session has a purpose, whether that be to recover or to set a new power record.

Quality has defined the principles Sekonda stands-by today:

  • Precision movements – ensure every second that passes by is accounted for
  • Strict manufacturing specifications – ensure watches meet the customers’ expectations
  • Rigorous testing – has resulted in high-performance, durable watches
  • Excellent after-sales service – whether it be replacement straps and battery replacements or watch repairs and servicing, aftercare is a part of the package when purchasing a Sekonda, Editions or Seksy watch
  • Stringent quality control is a feature of all Sekonda watches under all its associated brand names; quality is never sacrificed due to commercial pressure.


 Efficiency – achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense – is another key personal value of mine.

Efficiency is playing an ever-more important part in our daily lives as we transition from fossil fuels to sustainable sources of energy. I am currently studying an MEng in Electrical Engineering (Power and Energy) at the University of Lincoln, with the intention of entering the energy sector once I graduate. I aspire to understand, utilise and advance sustainable sources of energy to improve current standards of living worldwide whilst safeguarding our planet. I would like my engineering skills to develop techniques that provide far broader access to sustainable energy, advancing generation and utilisation methods to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Sekonda has adopted efficiency, from a value-for-money perspective: achieving maximum output (quality, performance, longevity, etc) for minimum cost. In 1986, Sekonda launched its popular steamroller advert, giving birth to the famous line it still stands by today:

“Beware of expensive imitations” 

Efficiency has led the British brand to unparalleled success. Emphasising it’s ethos with quality, Sekonda has achieved what few global watch manufacturers have achieved: market domination. Sekonda has grown globally to become one of the biggest watch brands in travel retail, found in 66 countries and on-board over 110 airlines.

A partnership built on shared values stands far stronger than one built on image alone. I look forward to working with Sekonda!

I enjoy wearing my Sekonda watches (one at a time!) – they work fantastically well, look superb and I’m pretty certain they’ll stand the test of time!

If you’re interested in purchasing one of Sekonda’s watches, check out the link below: 


Thanks for reading 🙂

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