Why I Partner With Veloforte

I am proud to represent Veloforte as a brand ambassador.

Who is Veloforte? Why them? Well, in two words: shared values.

Veloforte and I share values and ethics that we standby.

I have many personal values, however there are a few that I hold dear: sustainability, quality and efficacy. These values are embodied in Veloforte, thus I chose to enter a partnership with the sports-nutrition brand!


Sustainability is everything. Things that aren’t sustainable cease to exist, given enough time.

I am a sustainable energy advocate – I aspire to understand, utilise and advance sustainable sources of energy to improve current standards of living worldwide whilst safeguarding our planet. I believe the possibilities for sustainable power are almost boundless, and I will be part of the process that sees humanity learn how to better interact with the environment around our planet.

Veloforte captures my first value by using Fairtrade cocoa in its bars and bites. By using Fairtrade cocoa, Veloforte is ensuring fair terms of trade for cocoa farmers and workers in the developing world by paying sustainable prices (which must never fall below the market price).

Below: The Ciocco bar uses Fairtrade cocoa, dates and almonds.

Better prices for cocoa farmers and workers, along with decent working conditions has produced a sustainable system of trade and living.


Quality is a value we all share. Actions performed with quality outshine actions that fail to meet our standards. My training sessions and workouts are based on quality over quantity, maximising my gains for time spent training. I make sure each session has a purpose, whether that be to recover or to set a new power record.

Quality is of utmost importance to Veloforte. Based on an ancient Italian recipe, originally carried by the Roman Legions, Veloforte hand-craft a delicious (I can confirm this!) and powerful mix of fruits, nuts, honey and spices.

“Can I fit all these bars in my back-pocket?” 😉

Their fiercely-guarded recipes provide the optimal balance of natural carbohydrates, essential proteins and fibre, resulting in bars and bites that are easily digestible. Veloforte’s bars and bites are also packed with a variety of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, helping to support the immune system and repair muscle cells.


Efficacy – the ability to produce a desired or intended result – is another key personal value of mine.

Producing results is important in all aspects of my life, as well as cycling. From achieving race-wins to grades that have given me unconditional offers, my results (and yours) have come about a long period of hard work.

Being able to deliver when it matters is important. The natural sugars and honey selected by Veloforte are rapidly absorbed, providing an instant boost in strength, energy and performance. Slow-release carbohydrates back-up these fast-releasing sugars, offering the ultimate bonking remedy; say goodbye to bonking!


In addition to this, being able to quickly absorb and process food is essential whilst riding. Dry bars require extra water to soften them, which can contribute to bloating. If you are under hydrated, eating dry bars can dehydrate you further by taking precious fluids from your system, giving you painful stomach cramps.

The natural energy bars created by Veloforte contain up to 7 times more water (they are often naturally hydrated from the fruits) making them easy to eat, easier to chew and swallow as well as better for your stomach and gut.

Bars pic 1 2018

A partnership built on shared values stands far stronger than one built on image alone. I look forward to working with Veloforte!

If you’re interested in purchasing bars and bites from Veloforte, click the link below:


Thanks for reading 🙂

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