Power Outputs – 2017

The 2017 season resulted in some pleasing power gains. From 30 seconds to my FTP, I have seen increases throughout the spectrum! My maximal power outputs are presented below, for sprint power and endurance power, in watts per kilogram (w/kg):

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 20.57.09

As you can see above, I have averaged a little over 20w/kg for 5 seconds – A first for me. I am also particularly pleased with my power output for 30 seconds, which will take some time to beat. I have not yet attempted a 60 second max effort (I don’t know why!), so I expect my w/kg for 1 minute to increase to around the 9.50w/kg mark.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 20.55.32

Out of the numbers above, I’m probably most satisfied with my w/kg for 20 minutes (5.42) and FTP (5.21). This was achieved in Stage 3, an individual time trial, of the 2017 Elite Kiwi Tour, that I ultimately won overall. You can see more on that particular effort and the race here: https://chrisdurham.me/2017/08/17/7350/

I achieved my 10 minute maximal power output in the 20 minute effort, so there is room to improve on that number.

Hopefully 2018 will be full of power gains πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading!


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