Power Outputs

I got my power meter (Garmin Vector) with my new bike in July, and I have been recording my power throughout my rides ever since. I have compiled all my maximal power outputs into a spreadsheet, as seen below. The red line on the table shows the lower threshold of a cat 1 rider; my goal is to get over this line, this season.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.56.58

I measure myself in watts per kg (w/kg) and compare my progress against a chart of typical E/1/2/3/4 performance. My training has been going well and over the winter months I have made the following power gains:

  • 1 minute power has increased by 151W
  • 5 minute power has increased by 75W
  • 10 minute power has increased by 48W
  • 20 minute power has increased by 63W
  • 30 minute power has increased by 62W
  • 60 minute power has increased by 39W

I expect the increases to continue, because my winter training has consisted of long, steady rides, helping to increase my fitness and endurance. In the early parts of winter, I constantly rode 200 miles a week to build my base fitness and endurance. As winter progressed, I slowly reduced the distance I rode, but increased the intensity. Anaerobic efforts have played a large part in increasing the intensity, to help prepare myself for the numerous attacks and the attacks I will be creating during races. Or at least that’s the plan πŸ™‚

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