Why I Partner With Hasso Fashion

I am proud to represent Hasso Fashion as a brand ambassador.

Who is Hasso Fashion? Why them? Well, in two words: shared values.

Hasso Fashion and I share values and ethics that we standby.

I have many personal values, however there are a few that I hold dear: sustainability, equality, and attention to detail. These values are embodied in Hasso Fashion, thus I chose to enter a partnership with the fashion designer.


Sustainability is everything. Things that aren’t sustainable cease to exist, given enough time.

I am a sustainable energy advocate – I aspire to understand, utilise and advance sustainable sources of energy to improve current standards of living worldwide whilst safeguarding our planet. I believe the possibilities for sustainable power are almost boundless, and I will be part of the process that sees humanity learn how to better interact with the environment around our planet.

Hasso Fashion captures my first value in admirable ways: from having a paperless office to using electronic devices that meet the strictest energy efficiency standards, it is clear Hasso Fashion have care, consideration and commitment for the environment.


Most of you reading this will standby this value too (I hope so!). Embracing parity is something we can all do.

Equality and ethics is of paramount importance to Hasso Fashion. To mitigate any possibility of corruption or exploitation being associated with the gemstones used in their cufflinks, from the mine to the jeweller, Hasso Fashion have scrutinised every link in the supply chain to ensure ethical expectations are met.

Textile factories – notorious for inhumane working conditions, insane working hours and a place where health and safety rules are thought more of guidelines – are a perfect example of unethical practice.

Staying true to their ethical values, Hasso Fashion works in partnership with a family-owned, responsible business that takes very good care of its employees to create ethical shirts. Excellent working conditions and environmental responsibilities are also values the supplier stands-by.

Regular planned and surprise visits to the Turkish clothing factory are made by Hasso Fashion, to ensure they get to see what life is truly like for the workers there (and they have never been disappointed).

Attention to detail

I’m a big fan of attention to detail. My training rides and races have attention to detail written all over them!

From accurately calibrating my power meter to monitoring my daily net-calories, being meticulous in detail has improved my performance and race results as a rider. Taking time to scrutinise every training session, ride, race, and article that I write has resulted in greater success down the line.

This value is demonstrated clearly with the craftsmanship of Hasso Fashion. They create cufflinks that you’re not going to find anywhere else. Stringent quality control procedures ensure that every product is checked (and double checked) to ensure the customers’ expectations are always met.

A partnership built on shared values stands far stronger than one built on image alone. I look forward to working with Hasso Fashion!


If you’re interested in purchasing from Hasso Fashion, make sure to save 10% by using the discount code below:


Thanks for reading 🙂

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