Thank You

I have been fortunate to receive copious amounts of support and encouragement throughout my work and cycling. With the obvious exclusion of family members, below are a list of names I would like to thank formally:

  • Jeff Chappill – Fantastic swimming + cycling + running coach.
  • Steve Cannings – Coaching riders to become ‘Snickers’ fast 😉
  • Lincsquad TT organisers – Dave Hinch and Rob Carpenter. No Lincsquad TTs without you guys!
  • Lincsquad TT timekeepers.
  • Lincsquad TT marshals (often at the train-tracks).
  • Lincsquad TT bike holder – Often Wayne Beedham.
  • Peter Read –  Time trial coach and the author of the ‘Black Book’, the ‘Blue Book’ and the ‘White Book’.
  • Caistor Grammar School – All members of staff. Teachers: Mr Hale, Mr Hopkins, Mr Cook, Mr & Mrs Cooke, Mrs Taylor, Mr Markham, Mrs Donoghue, Dr. Carr, Mrs Leaning, Mr Hargreaves, Mr Frost, Mr Clark, Mr Jackson, Mrs McNeilly, Mrs Jacques, Mr Davey, Ms Turner, Dr. Wilton, Mr Croft, Ms Douthwaite, Mr Holland, Mr Robinson, Mrs Smith, Mrs Shepard, Mr Shephard, Mr Shutes, Mrs Wish, Mr Dobson and Mr Pearson.
  • Team dZi – All my teammates.
  • The dZi Foundation – A truly remarkable charity. A fantastic team of enthusiastic, cooperative and hardworking volunteers, eliminating poverty and improving the standard of living in remote Nepal. The life-changing work of the dZi Foundation can be viewed here:
  • Team dZi Sponsors (Le Col Cycling Apparel, Zeal Optics, Bespoke Cycling, Marmot, etc).
  • Team WBR – All my teammates.
  • World Bicycle Relief – Another incredible charity, promoting the power of a bicycle across Africa. Empowering thousands of individuals, World Bicycle Relief has revolutionised the ways of travel in all aspects of life. Their awe-inspiring work can be viewed here:
  • Team WBR Sponsors (Giordana, etc)
  • British Cycling.
  • British Cycling coaches – Rob Sharman, Ian, Steve Palmer, Graham, Tracey McAndrew, Mark Botteley.

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